Girl coloring with the help of donations | Open Doors

Donate Today

If you’re unable to give time, we encourage you to help support our services through a small donation. Every dollar counts, and each will do nothing less than change someone’s life.


Provides families with 3 days of groceries


Provides families holiday support


Provides 18 hours of nursery time for children

At Open Doors, we strive to help those who don’t see other options. We have several programs available to help adults improve their situations and prepare their children to avoid similar circumstances as they get older.

By providing these programs to adults and families with or without children, Open Doors staff works to reduce child abuse, neglect, and family stress.




Girl coloring with the help of donations | Open Doors

We Are Here to Help.

We Are Here to Help.


Donations are used to provide services grants don’t cover, such as financial aid for those that do not qualify through traditional means, provide supplies needed to gain work, pay for prescriptions, assist for move-in costs for homeless families, provide rent assistance for homeless families. All of our funding is used as a hand up not a handout. Program outcomes are based on helping families out of poverty and not being dependent on social services.

Crisis and Respite Nursery

24-hour Crisis/Respite Nurseries provide free and confidential emergency care day and night for children 0-11 years of age for parents in distress, giving children a safe haven while parents work to create a more stable, healthy home environment.

Parent Education

Family Support Case Management focuses on the prevention of crisis in at-risk families through weekly visits and parent education classes, providing parenting skills, training, and literacy enhancement leading to family stability and children’s educational success.


Therapy services provide free counseling treatment to families dealing with domestic violence, child abuse, and other traumas to improve mental health, strengthen relationships, enhance functioning, and prevent re-victimization.